“HentaiHaven” Review


Lil Boom, formerly a homeless man, is back this year with a new mixtape. He released a new mixtape called “HentaiHaven” on January 25. The new hip-hop/rap collection from Mr. Boom had a total of thirteen songs upon release, each being around two to three minutes. The album released on the label BodyPillowGang.

The opening song “12 Bars II” is a breath of fresh air as Lil Boom returns to his roots while rapping in a comedic fashion. Comedy rap is what made Lil Boom who he is today, and it is refreshing to see him return to this, albeit for only one song.

On the other hand, “Uzi Vert II,” the next song on the album is one of the better ones. Despite it not being comedy rap, the beat behind it is beautiful and Lil Boom’s vocals go along with it nicely.

“Rem is My Wife” is also another great psychedelic song on the tape. It has vocals from the show “Re:Zero” and Lil Boom’s own to combine to create a great beat and makes the song one of the best he has made thus far.

“Lil Boom [is] a goat,” said Shane Colwell, 12.

Overall, the combination of soothing melodies and Lil Boom’s higher pitched rap/hip-hop voice makes this album one of the better productions he has released. I give this a 7/10.