Interview with Brandon Bell

Emerson Bridgewater, MVC staff writer

Sports impact many lives. For Brandon Bell, basketball is what keeps him grounded.

“Basketball keeps me on track in school,” said Brandon Bell, 11. “If you do not get good grades you cannot play.”

Originally from Canada, Brandon started playing basketball at a young age. Brandon played in a Steve Nash little league camp and grew a great passion for the game and all it had to offer. Brandon’s family always had a connection to the sport.

“My uncle broke the scoring record at Illinois University for most points in a season. That is what originally got me interested in the sport,”he said.

Although his uncle played in college, he is not the one who taught Brandon how to play.

“My mom taught me how to play basketball. She had been around basketball her whole life.”.

Although Brandon’s parents never played basketball, his parents were very involved in other sports. His dad played football for Alabama University, and his mom grew up playing volleyball. His siblings are also involved in sports. His oldest brother plays football in Canada for the University of Calgary. His youngest brother plays little league basketball, and his sister also plays basketball.

Brandon has has met with multiple college recruiters including Youngstown, Ball State, Wisconsin, and Cleveland State. Brandon’s dream college is Ohio State University, but he has stated his appreciation for the state of Ohio and would play at any college in Ohio.

“Ohio was the first state to show love in recruiting,” said Brandon. Colleges in Ohio started recruiting him first, so he “would love to play for that state.”

Brandon Bell has one more year in a Marauder uniform before he decides where he will continue his athletic and academic career.