How To Train Your Dragon 3

I am definitely one of those people who gets overly attached to movies aimed towards children, especially the ones I grew up watching. These include Disney movies, Pixar movies, etc. As a kid, I remember being pretty obsessed with “How To Train Your Dragon” after seeing it with my dad, and I can say with confidence that the final movie, which was recently released, did the series justice.

I had pretty high expectations for it because the first two movies were pretty good. Obviously, the final movie was not perfect. The plot moved a little fast for my taste, and some details were not included in the movie that left plot holes within the story. For example, there was this new species of dragon similar to Toothless, but there was never an explanation for who she really was. But kid’s movies are not always the most thorough, so it was expected that it was not going to be a super detailed plotline.

I was not entirely sure what was going on at the start of the movie since it seemed like it was following the Netflix TV series, but it is easy to catch up minutes in. The storyline became pretty clear once and initial goal about protecting the dragons was introduced.
But what really hit me was the end of the movie. I can say without regret that I unleashed a couple of tears during the movie, but the end was what did me in. It’s kind of sad that a sixteen-year-old girl struggled to watch Hiccup say goodbye to his dragon, reuniting years later after he had moved on and started a family. I was sobbing by the time the credits rolled, my brother sitting feet from me with the most disapproving expression.

I was the only one who walked out of that theatre crying. Are people and their kids just heartless, or am I just overly sensitive? Probably both.

“I think the end was very satisfying,” said Sydney Nichols, 10, a  friend of mine who accompanied me on this emotional journey, “I enjoyed seeing the future of Hiccup and his family…but I hate Astrid.”

To avoid spoiling the movie for those who have not seen it, I won’t go into depth about anything particular that happened. But, I recommend spending the money to see this in theatres for anyone who enjoyed the “How To Train Your Dragon” movies as a kid.