New trend alert: Momo

Zyaria Hatcher, MVC Staff Writer

Now that eating Tide Pods and trying to get Kylie Jenner lips are not trends anymore, another internet hoax appears and its name is Momo. The lasted hoax has parents freaking out because it is targeting children. Momo is said to target young children by encouraging them to text a number on the app, WhatsApp, which then sends them instructions to complete a series of dangerous tasks from watching a terrifying horror movie to engaging in self-harm to taking their own lives.

After quickly becoming a widespread meme, people then found out it was a hoax. But in August 2018, the challenge was said to be possibly linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl from Argentina who apparently took her own life. If confirmed by police, the girl will be the first victim of this disturbing challenge. If parents were not already worrying this made them worry even more.

“I thought it was real at first, but then you realize it is a hoax if you really pay attention,” said Khia Allen.

It probably would not surprise  anyone to know that the image of Momo, which many find terrifying to look at, really has no part in the challenge. The creepy eyed girl with matted hair, which is called Momo, is actually a sculpture made by Keisuke Aisawa, a Japanese company that makes horror film props and special effects.

The sculpture has also allegedly popped up through YouTube in Peppa Pig and Fortnite videos.