Dogs v. cats

Emma Moore, MVC Staff Wrtier

Dogs and cats are America’s most common household pets. People have preferences on which animal they would rather have in their home.

“I prefer dogs because they are loving, caring, and playful,” said Maddie Moore, 10.

According to a recent poll, dogs are preferred over cats at Mt. Vernon.

“Cats are loyal and always want to be around you and they are really cute and cuddly,” said Sarah Cardenas, 11. “They love you unconditionally and are never loud and obnoxious like dogs. They don’t slobber or lick your face. There’s a stereotype that all cats are antisocial and mean, but that’s only because the people who are saying that are allergic to them so therefore, it is not cats’ faults, but the people who are allergic to them.”

Cats and dogs are similar in the way that they are taken care of. For dogs and cats, you need to feed them, give them water, and provide love. People prefer dogs because cats tend to be more aloof while dogs are more lively.

“Dogs are always there for you and they want you to be there. In my experience cats think they are entitled to be pet and almost demand it,” said Tony Fleming, 11. “Dogs would never do that, they are selfless while cats are selfish. There’s a reason why dogs greet you at the door and cats are sitting in the corner hissing. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.”

Although some people don’t like either dogs or cats, the pets still prove to be very cuddly and reliable animals. They are very similar in the way they are soft and friendly.

“I prefer cats, because they are easier to cuddle with and they are very kind,” said Gabby Hernandez, 11.

I personally prefer dogs because I am really allergic to cats and I can’t own one. But I also love both because they are so sweet and cute.