The Fruit Chronicles: banana


Bananas, the fruit of all fruits, are some of the tastiest fruits according to many people. However, could all this tastiness come with a negative side effect? Bananas are a blessing, but the way your breath smells after eating one is just obscene.

Banana breath is one of the most common causes of social ostracism, according to many students here at Mt. Vernon. The smell of banana coming from someone’s breath is probably the single worst thing about bananas. Other than that, they’re a pretty great fruit.

“I really love bananas, I could eat them almost every day,” said Cole Shaffer, 12.

You can use bananas in a multitude of things, like banana smoothies, banana splits, and banana shakes. In my opinion, the best flavor of ice cream is banana and strawberry, which is found in tons of ice cream stores. You can even pour chocolate on them to make some great chocolate banana slices. Regarding utility, bananas are some of the best.

Overall, I think bananas are a great fruit. If it weren’t for the bad breath you get from eating them, I think they’d be among my top three fruits, but sadly that isn’t the case. I give the banana eight apples out of ten for their great utility and taste.