Girl’s homecoming game is a victory


Kurtis Spann

The King and the Queen of basketball homecoming, Darell Jackson and Maeve Laughlin.

Emerson Bridgewater, MVC Staff Writer

The Mount Vernon Girl’s Varsity Basketball team beat Greenfield Central by a score of 48-24.

With the players handling it on the court, the team spirit arrived as well.

“The energy was great and the crowd was very into the game,” said Lexi Price, 12.

A jam-packed game of students dressed in Hawaiian clothing was a good sight to see at this homecoming game.

“This year’s winter homecoming basketball game was unique because it was at a girls basketball game, and the support was evident with the gym packed,” said Shiloh McFarland, 10.

Even with the change, the energy and support stayed.                                                                                                                                                    

The atmosphere of the entire gym was extremely supportive and energetic. The girls were playing extremely well, which had the fans really engaged and ready to cheer them on,” said Evan Barr, 11. “The student section was a very big boost to the energy level of the game as well. The chants, cheers, and boos all added up to make for a great game.”

A win and great student section was all in store for this year’s winter homecoming game.

One of the players has the ball and is running toward the net.
Kurtis Spann
Abby Worley had the ball and is gunning toward the net.
The girls are ready to pass the ball and shoot.
Kurtis Spann
Lindsay Hartl had the ball and is ready to pass in order to score.
The girls are in a defensive position, ready to play.
Kurtis Spann
Tessa Freeman playing in the game.