January horoscopes

Emme Longman, MVC Editor in Chief

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Capricorn: You need to get out of your old habits and experience life.

Aquarius: Social interaction is very important, stop shoving it off.

Pisces: If money is tough right now, stop going to Chick-Fil-A three days a week.

Aries: Please read a book sometime, it’s starting to show that you haven’t in a while.

Taurus: Your AirPods only make you seem cooler to strangers, not friends.

Gemini: It’s okay to be childish sometimes, but know when to get serious.

Cancer: Quit showing off your new phone you got for Christmas. We know.

Leo: Look out for others, some people won’t be vocal when they need you.

Virgo: Don’t wear your snowsuit in public. I know it’s cold, but save it for home.

Libra: Holiday weight is real, and it will go away if you work it off.

Scorpio: Stop eyeballing million dollar homes when you have $8 in the bank.

Sagittarius: Keep your positive attitude, you don’t know who needs it.

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