Winter band concert 2018


Jacob Roberts

Band winter concert 2018

The holidays are right around the corner, and celebration is in full swing. Participants of this holiday cheer include the Mt Vernon Bands. Their holiday concert was on Tuesday evening, December 13th. The symphonic band, wind and ensemble, jazz band, as well as smaller woodwind and brass ensembles all performed their holiday pieces.

Before the concert began, there was a general feeling of excitement among different members of the bands.

“I am excited for this concert because, with the new band director, I feel it will run smoothly,” said Kara Daswani, 12. “We also have good pieces to perform this year.”

Other seniors had similar opinions about the upcoming show.

“I’m really excited to perform with the band, especially the jazz band, for my last winter concert,” said Nate Davis, 12.

The concert opened with a lively tune from the jazz band. There was then a transition into another smaller band, the woodwind ensemble, followed by the brass quartet. They all played jolly music for this holiday concert.

Finally came time for the larger bands. The symphonic band began and played a medley of holiday music. This intro band, mostly made up of freshman and sophomores, played “Little Christmas Suite,” “Angels in the Bleak Midwinter,” as well as “Christmas Jubilee.”

After the symphonic band, the wind ensemble took the stage. Wind ensemble is the upper-level band, with mainly juniors and seniors. They played a wonderful Christmas assortment, with their annual finale of “Sleigh Ride,” which was especially meaningful for the seniors.

“We play ‘Sleigh Ride’ every year, and I played it the first time my freshman year, then again last night, and it was a really sentimental thing,” said Sydney Ehrgott, 12. “I will miss these concerts for sure.”

This song really has a special meaning to the band students.

“I’m going to miss playing ‘Sleigh Ride,’” said Daswani, after the concert’s end. “That piece is what everyone in band looks forward to, even if they aren’t in wind and ensemble. It’s just tradition.”

While this may have been the last winter band concert for seniors, the concert went off with good music, a warm atmosphere and without a hitch.