16-year-old on Broadway


The hit Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen is about a high school senior who struggles with severe social anxiety. The producers of Dear Evan Hansen just announced Monday, November 12, that a 16-year-old from Woodmere, New York will be taking the role of Evan Hansen. Andrew Barth Feldman will start portraying Evan Hansen on January 30, 2019. Feldman got this role by impressing the producer Stacey Mindich, at the Jimmy Awards, and winning the best High School Actor.

For many teens with their own Broadway dreams, casting an actual teenager to play a teenager is encouraging, which is what they think about Andrew Barth Feldman.

“I think it is cool. Especially since Evan’s character is a teenager. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to star in such a huge Broadway show at age 16. I want to see him in the show so bad,” said Emily Thomas, 12.

Thomas is not the only one who is excited about this casting choice.

“If he is talented and right for the role, I don’t really care his age. It probably inspires more kids to want to act since they can start at a young age,” said Ben Dostalek, 9.

Liam Bass, 10, agrees with his fellow thespians, “I think it’s an amazing opportunity for a younger member of the theatre community to partake on a Broadway stage. There are so many talented teens so it is, in my opinion, a great chance for younger people. And I think it should happen more often.”