Football season donesies

Allison Yoder, MVC Writer

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As 2018 draws to a close, that means the end of fall sports. This includes football at Mt Vernon.

After a grand total of seven wins versus only four losses, MVs football team had a lot to say about this past season.

“I feel good about this past season,” said Daimon Anderson, 9. “The team played very well and overall was much better than last year. There were a few hiccups with injuries, but we still got right back up on our feet. It ended much sooner than I expected it to but overall I would say we had a good season.”

Upperclassmen on the team had similar feelings.

“I feel like it was a complete turnaround from last year,” said Charlie Moore, 11. ”As a team I thought we brought in to the new coaching staff’s plan and I think it turned out very well. We still didn’t get as far as we wanted to but it just shows what a good group of coaches and teammates can do in one years time.”

This also was an interesting season due to the fact there was a new coach for the team. Coach Kirschner, who came to MV from Ben Davis High School, definitely had an impact on this years team.

“I feel like having Coach Kirschner had a huge influence to the season. He is very good at inspiring everyone to put everything they have out onto the field,” said Anderson. “Every time he opened his mouth I wanted to listen, he was also super funny.”

Once again, this was agreed upon among the classes.

“Everything from the mental attitude towards everything and constantly trying to make us better is what makes him special,” said Moore. “He is helping us become better football players but better people too by changing our ways of doing things. We needed a spark to this program and I think he has done just that.”

Though the season ended in some disappointment, it was still considered by the players an overall success, and the way this team is, the next season should only allow for further improvement.

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