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Student government

Emma Moore, MVC Staff Reporter

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The first student government convention of this year took place on November 3rd. The convention was statewide and took place in downtown Indianapolis at The Convention Center.

The combined student governments from all over Indiana participated in this event and the students left the school at 7am and later left the convention center at 11pm.

The members of student government heard speeches from Houston Kraft and Ted Wiese. The speakers visited several schools around Indiana to give kids advice about how they can improve their schools and how to be the best leader one can be.

“Ted Wiese was a very influential speaker, and he has worked with the Marauder Mentors in the past, so it was very cool to see him again,” said Tony Fleming, 11.

Students also separated into rooms where they learned new ways to provide teacher appreciation and how to connect with elementary school students and middle school students by talking to them more and being more welcoming.

“It was a really great experience to learn new things about leadership and how we can improve things with our school,” said Avery Longman, 10.

Student government members learned ways to improve our school and meet new people.

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Student government