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The MV Current

The MV Current

Opinions on Midterms Results

Grant Hess, MVC Staff Wrtier

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In a word the midterms can be summarized as, “meh.” So little happened that could not have been called beforehand that there was almost no point to watching it. Yes, the Democrats took back the house, but they can barely hold a press conference without arguing about whether Pelosi will be kept as speaker of the house. The only thing people talk about when they say that Democrats took back the house is that Pelosi may or may not be speaker, and that somebody like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but not them because they are senators, could win the speakership if they would just step in the ring.

Republicans not only kept control of the Senate, but gained seats. The map was against the Democrats yes, but they should have defended most of the seats they lost. It really undermines their message of a victory when they lost seats in the Senate and took less than the average number of seat predicted for the House.

Graham Rigsbee, 12, said, “It was a good win for the Republicans in the Senate and I don’t think it was a blue wave at all.”

Overall the results were inconclusive, neither side gained enough seats to do anything worthwhile in my opinion. Looking back, the whole hype about the election was a waste of time. Nothing unexpected happen, and coming off of the ecstacy of 2016, it almost put me to sleep like the elections of old.

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Opinions on Midterms Results