Post-college application: the college interview


A college interview is a way for students applying to colleges to learn about the specific college(s) they apply to. Through these interviews, one can meet someone who represents the college.

Accepting a college interview can show a student’s interest in the college. In addition, one can begin a relationship with the representative and be authentic around them.

On the college’s side, an interview is a way for them to figure out what type of person the student is. WIthout an interview, the only information a college has about the student is what is written on the college application.

By utilizing an interview, a college is given the opportunity to learn more about the student, their interests, and their potential contributions to their college in person. Students should dress nicely, as it will give off a good first impression. In addition, it is expected for students to treat the interviewer, who is a representative of the college, with respect.

From my interview, I learned that they are not necessarily meant to be super formal or articulated,” said Joseph Shepard, 12. “They are meant to be casual and an opportunity to show your personality aside from your college application and for you to learn more about their college. I learned that I just need to be confident and be open to whatever comes my way.”

There are several common questions colleges ask during their interviews: Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in our college? How do you describe yourself? Why are you interested in majoring in ____? What are your favorite extracurricular activities? Where do you imagine yourself to be ten years from now? Is there any extra information about yourself that you believe cannot be covered by the application?

At several colleges, a college alumnus conducts the interview. During the interview, the interviewer may let the student ask specific questions about the college. Here, the student is able to have mostly free rein, asking the interviewer about their specific college experience.

There are a small number of colleges that require interviews. However, there are a number of colleges that offer optional or recommended interviews, usually these being the highly selective or small private colleges. Large public universities do not tend to offer interviews because there are so many applicants.