Closing the Borders

Madalyn Cottrell, MVC Staff Wrtier

At the most recent meeting of the MVCSC Board of Trustees on October 1, 2018, a decision was made that Mt. Vernon would no longer accept out-of-district and new transfer students.

This decision was made due to the recent increase of Mount Vernon’s student population. The halls in the school are crowded. Even with the recent transfer of some 8th graders back over to the middle school, the halls are still challenging to navigate.

The school is only making an exception to this decision for currently enrolled out-of-district students and foreign exchange students.

“I think that they should keep the doors open because some students need to come to a better school like Mount Vernon. The school shouldn’t base their priorities off of location,” said Sydney Nichols, 10.

While some are against the change, some see a reason as to why the school had to close its doors.

“I think it is with the number of new neighborhoods we have going in. We are going to grow because of that, and this can help us control our growth,” said Mr. Zelencik

The resolution is being revisited in the  spring of 2019. If parents are interested in sending their kids to Mt. Vernon, they should wait to contact the school until April.