MV Theatre’s Fall Musical


Katelynn Hexamer

A few of the “dames” lined up, showing off.

Madalyn Cottrell, MVC Staff Reporter

Department has been working daily to perfect their production of the iconic Broadway musical “42nd Street.” Tech week has just begun for the cast, and the long rehearsals will be utilized until the last minute to  the final details of the show.

“I am very excited for the production. The cast, crew, and orchestra members have been working since August on the show. We are all very excited to start tech week rehearsals,” said  Ms. Davis, the theatre department’s director.

A lot goes into the preparation of the four-night performance through: long dance rehearsals, set building, and finding all of the right costumes. Through fundraisers and ticket sales from previous shows, most of the money earned from that can go towards tech and costumes.

“42nd Street” is one of the more dance-heavy shows the theatre department has attempted. Some of the cast spent their summers learning how to tap dance in preparation for the show.

“This is my first show, and I’m pretty anxious for the performance. I’ve made a lot of friends, and the cast has been supportive,” said Mandy Bechman, 9.

Opening night is a week away. Catch the cast in action from November 15th-18. Tickets are on sale online and at the door before the shows.