The Iranian guard attack

Grant Hess, MVC Staff Reporter

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During a military parade in the Islamic Republic of Iran, proud members of the military, technically called the Revolutionary Guard, fell under attack by anti-government terrorists. Several gunmen opened fire on the men during the parade, killing 24 members of the guard. Iranian sources determined that there were four attackers who had dressed up as Revolutionary Guard officials, and fired down on the parade from the stands

In the aftermath of the attack, many citizens expressed outrage at both the attackers and America, whom the leaders of Iran blamed for the attack, citing past transgressions. America, for its part, expressed sympathy for the victims of the attacks but denied any part in it.

Mr. Guthrie, social studies teacher, remarked, “I think it is important to draw a distinction between the conservative wing of the government and the Iranian people. The conservative wing of the Iranian government will often cast blame on the U.S. to justify anti-American views.

Iranian leaders are expected to ramp up anti-terrorist measures in the area and punish the people whom they see as responsible.


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