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Electron Orbitals: The Review

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During my viewing of “Electron Orbitals,” the lesson, I was moderately pleased with both the variety and type of electron orbitals on display. I had the pleasure of viewing it with the director himself, Mr. Zelencik, in his own lecture hall no less. Although many things about electron orbitals remain theoretical, the director made a smashing attempt to rationalize it for his audience. While that meant I was spared some of the higher level thinking I was hoping for, it meant that I was at least able to understand the regrettably censored information.

Going deeper into the unique cast of orbitals, they come in a range of diverse body shapes that really speak to the commitment of inclusion the director made when casting. The protagonist, an electron of 1s, hopes to advance to higher energy levels and match up to his high-energy hero, an electron of 7f. Along the way the audience is introduced to several characters, ranging from a teardrop-ring-shaped love interest to the double-bean-shaped rival.

The big twist may come a bit too early for most viewers but captivated me nonetheless. Once the hero has finished his first major level-up, a force mysteriously appears and begins to drag him back down from whence he came.

Strangely, it seems the director wrote the character, so it is viewed as more of a natural force than an antagonist as a main villain or obstacle usually would be. The characters initially react with disdain towards the force, but accept that it is unavoidable. This added an even deeper level to the plot, for it seems the hero and his crew were stuck in some kind of permanent status-quo realm. The director really outdid himself with this villain, for it is one the hero cannot fight against, yet is accepted by a majority of the orbitals.

On the eve of the worldwide premiere, I talked with the director, a rising star in the field. He remarked to me that his work was, “meant to inspire people to rise to their highest potential, challenge people to understand that which they cannot change, and, ultimately, learn from their experiences.”

Rating “Electron Orbitals” is a hard thing to do, but I can safely say 4 out of 5 stars is an accurate appraisal.

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Electron Orbitals: The Review