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The MV Current

The MV Current

Pinochet is not that bad

Grant Hess, MVC Writer

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Pinochet, the brutal dictator of Chile, is, in my opinion, a better and kinder ruler than the current so-called president of Venezuela, Maduro. Sure, Pinochet killed what some experts believe to be 20,000 communists, but he also ran an efficient and successful economy. Comparatively, Maduro has failed his people and oversees a joke of an economy while having the largest oil reserves in South America.

When it comes to the freedom for its citizens, the Chilean dictator was a firm believer in personal rights, as long as the person in question wasn’t a communist. Communists, he assumed, were a threat to the economy and a burden on the state. Maduro, unlike Pinochet, has no respect for the citizens of his state, which can be seen in the military suppression of his political opponents and intolerance for his people when they protest.

Pinochet also demonstrated some dignity when he voluntarily stepped down from the presidency after the threat of communism had been eliminated, resulting in the installation of a democratic government.

Today, Pinochet is seen as a horrible and disgusting person; however,the lessons of his rule are derived from ancient Rome, where they would appoint a temporary dictator in a time of crisis. Meanwhile, Maduro rules as he pleases with no endgame in mind, and looks forward to the endless oppression of his people and his personal gains off of their success. Frankly, he is  disgusting.

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  1. Ben Shapiro on October 30th, 2018 11:20 AM

    Okay, now this is epic.

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Pinochet is not that bad