First homecoming dance is a hit

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Jacob Roberts

Students at the first homecoming dance

A popular high school tradition is school dances, whether it be for winter formal or prom, or even celebrating a homecoming at the beginning of the year. Here at Mt. Vernon, for years there has been a casual dance directly following the homecoming football game. However, there has never been a semi-formal dance for Homecoming, until this year.

Student government decided to have a bit of an experiment and throw a semi-formal homecoming dance on the Saturday following the Homecoming game.

The first semi-formal homecoming dance was Saturday, September 1st from 7 pm to 10 pm in the cafeteria. There was no strict dress policy, but a dressy-casual attire was encouraged, as this was not a formal event.

Over 200 students attended this event and were overall pleased with what this event turned out to be.

“It was really different and fun,” said Hailey Davidson, 12, “Everyone was in it together- dancing and overall having a great time.”

The underclassmen did not disagree.

“The dance was so much fun,” agreed Aaliyah Harris, 10. “Not going to lie, though, my favorite part was the snacks.”

The students enjoyed this dance, but none of it would have been possible without those who made this dance happen in the first place, ran by both student and staff.

“Student Government members were here at school until about midnight the night before prepping for the dance,” said Cleo Mills, 12. “It turned out to be worth it, seeing how much fun everyone had.”

The staff in charge of chaperoning this event were pleased with how the event turned out.

“We weren’t sure what to expect since it was our first semi-formal homecoming dance,” Mrs. Scherer, Miss Gerbsch, and Mrs. Scruggs all agreed, finishing each other’s thoughts.

“It was labor day weekend after all, but we were pleasantly surprised at the turnout,” said Mrs. Scruggs. “We were excited to see how much fun all the kids had, and we cannot wait until next year.”

Overall, the first semi-formal homecoming dance was a success, and next years dance should be just as big of a success, if not more.