“Abuelita” “choc”s my world

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Taking AP Spanish has opened my eyes to a completely new world. New traditions, new customs, and new ways of seeing life. Another part is the food. While my AP Spanish class was visiting an authentic bakery, I found a little circle of chocolate from the brand “Abuelita.” It is very authentic and it was in just a block of chocolate.

To make it, you have to warm up 4 cups of milk and use one piece of the circle. I made around 18 cups for my AP Spanish class to enjoy after the AP test.The instructions were very simple. All I had to do was warm up however much milk I wanted to make and then put the appropriate measure of chocolate into the milk to melt and assimilate. It took me 20 minutes to make the chocolate.

“This chocolate milk tastes a lot different compared to American chocolate milk, but it still is pleasant to drink,” said Liddy Nyman, 12.

One thing I did not like about chocolate was there were still some specks of chocolate that did not melt that made the milk have a more gritty texture, but otherwise it was very rich and tasted amazing. I would buy this chocolate again to make for my family and parties.