Potential Supreme Court Justice retirement

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Speculation of conservative Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement has been the focus of recent discussion in the political sphere, as his departure would have a significant impact on the federal government.

Anthony Kennedy himself has given no indication that he will retire soon, but as the court approaches the end of its term in June, it is believed that Kennedy will step down because of his age.

Justice Kennedy is a key justice on the Supreme Court. He is a swing vote because his decisions are usually the tiebreaker between the other eight judges.

If Kennedy does retire soon, President Trump will have to appoint another justice to be voted on. Trump has already appointed the most recent judge, Neil Gorsuch. Because Kennedy holds such an important position, the ramifications of the president’s next Supreme Court appointment will be much higher than when Neil Gorsuch became a judge after Antonin Scalia’s death.

Depending on the new appointment, the court would have the power to overturn longstanding court rulings that have existed as precedent, such as the 1973 Supreme Court cases, Roe v. Wade, which ruled abortion legal.

Democrats will contest much harder this time considering the high stakes involved. However, Republicans have the majority in the Senate 51-49 and the House of Representatives 248-192, so they can pick the next Supreme Court justice without any Democratic support.

“I hope the next Supreme Court justice upholds the Constitution and its values”, said Jackson Schrowe, 11.

If Justice Kennedy steps down, President Trump will have to appoint a new justice to be approved. This event would be one of the of most crucial appointments in recent Supreme Court history.