Senior countdown

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Four years for now
May 23, 2018

As May slowly approaches, the Class of 2018 is counting down the days until graduation, but graduation is not the only thing seniors have to look forward to in the final quarter of their high school careers.

Crew Carwash tickets were sold the week of April 9th through the 13th. The purpose of the sales was to fund the graduation ceremony. The senior class sold 1400 out of the 1500 tickets in the first two weeks.

On May 15, there will be Senior Oscar night, a time to celebrate the end of the year for seniors and all they have accomplished in their final year of high school.

Senior Work Day is May 17. Seniors will be volunteering their time on important tasks such as remulching the grounds, repainting the parking lots, and cementing signs around the district. Senior Work Day will end right before the AP testing season concludes.

“It is a good alternate option for senior skip day, but I do not like how it is on an AP testing day,” said Lidija Nyman, 12.

Seniors are also busy planning Senior Splash, a game where each participant must squirt their assigned student with water guns after school until only one senior is left standing. The senior prank is also being determined.