Something About Bees

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Mackenzie Carpenter

Sunflower in the ground against a white fence outside

Looking back, in late 2016 and early 2017, the bee meme was still mildly relevant. The Bee Movie, which came out in 2007, became a well-known joke on the internet. This was not only a funny collection of pictures and captions, but it also raised awareness of the danger bees are in these days.

Mackenzie Carpenter
Pink flowers against a white background

Now, although these bee memes are not as applicable in daily life as they may have been months before, the issue of bee populations is still here.

In the daily life of humans, bees are extremely important. They pollinate flowers, as well as fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for human survival. These creatures also pollinate the wild food, such as fields of clover that livestock eat. Without bees, cows and other animals would also perish, and humans would lose out on yet another resource.

Recent studies have shown that the bee population in the US has gone up a full 3%, and the number is still climbing. However, this does not mean that humans can just backtrack and mess up these rates with pollution and not caring about the environment. People must continue to live healthier, be environmentally knowledgeable, and not let another slip with these populations occur again.