Deviants of MVHS

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Deviance is relative to every society. Deviant behavior is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the fact or state of departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.

In America, it is common to ask a stranger what their profession is while getting to know them. In France, it is seen as rude and uninteresting to talk about. In other countries such as China, Russia, and the Philippines, it is rude to finish all of a meal being offered because it implies the guest was not given enough food, whereas in America it is customary to finish off any food given to show the meal was satisfactory.

At Mt. Vernon, students were given the opportunity to respond to a survey that asked them their opinions on what is deviant behavior at MVHS. 231 of students of responded to the survey from November 28th through November 29th.

Below is the results:

The results of a schoolwide poll about what students see as deviant.
The categories for the poll, from top to bottom, are: Taking somebody else’s parking space in the student parking lot, Parking in multiple places in the student parking lot, Leaving trash on top of the lunch tables, Milling in the halls, and Other.

Here are some other results from the optional student responses of what they believed to be deviant that was not previously listed above:

  • Wearing pajamas or otherwise amusing or peculiar clothing
  • Racism
  • Arguing in the halls
  • Having attitudes towards teachers
  • Milling in the halls
  • Yelling