College in Canada


As fall rolls to a close and the first hint of winter chill settles in the air, seniors everywhere are tucking college acceptance letters into frames, pouring over materials with a watchful eye, and freaking out about tuition. For international students, the stakes are higher and the cost lower.

Pursuing education in Canada, for instance, is an incredibly risky feat with an extreme payoff. While private and public universities in Canada offer international fees, most students choose to wait two years and obtain permanent residency for a $20,000+ discount on their tuition. This makes tution the same as residents which ranges in the $6000-$15,000. Furthermore, one American dollar equates to about $1.30 in Canadian currency – meaning your hard-earned money is stretching further and benefiting you more.

Not only is the tuition even more affordable than in-state colleges, but Canadian universities are also globally recognized as the 7th highest in education ranking, making a degree not only versatile but valuable. Students all across the world go to college in Canada because of the affordable education and the global importance of a Canadian degree.

So what is the risk? Well, for the average young adult, the amount of paperwork and uncertainty involved with moving to another country is daunting compared to applying to state schools. To start, there is applying for work/student visas, obtaining a passport, filling out school and province applications, and finding a living situation until your permanent residency status is complete.

Yes, the physical proceedings are daunting, but the mental and emotional cost is worth taking a longer look at. Not everyone can make the jump to live so far from loved ones and familiar places. At the same time, it is exciting to take a leap and broaden horizons to absorb different ways of living and thinking. Besides, the cost of living is 4.42% lower in Canada and rent is 23.35% lower. Even minimum wage is $12.50 to ensure even low income families can survive.

With a Canadian degree, students can go anywhere and be anything. Since it is so renowned, any global interests students have can be pursued. Students can even choose to obtain dual citizenship and work in the U.S. until you are old enough to retire and move back to Canada to reap the free healthcare benefits. For some, Canada seems like the land flowing with milk and honey. Their education is diverse but inclusive, many of their cities safe and clean, and their politics far less divisive and toxic. For some, Canada is the best choice for education.