Donald Glover made history at the Emmy’s

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Cardi B
May 22, 2018

On September 17, 2017, Donald Glover made history at the Primetime Emmy Awards. This awards show highlights the best shows and the people who make the shows possible.

Donald Glover is an award- winning American actor, singer, songwriter, and director. Glover has won Golden Globes, Writers Guild of America Awards, and an NAACP awards. He was nominated for four categories and his hit show drama, Atlanta, was nominated for six Emmy awards. Glover ended up winning Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and was the first black director to win Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

“Donald Glover has made history,” says Xavier Bratcher, 11. “He has changed the industry with his acting and directing.”

In his acceptance speech for the directing award, he thanked his co-director Hiro Murai, as well as other directors who have inspired him.

In his best comedy actor acceptance speech, he added a touch of humor by thanking President Donald Trump for “making black people the number one on the oppressed list,” stating he was the only reason he is up there.

Glover ended the historical night by giving out his appreciation for everyone at the show and everyone who has worked with him to help him achieve these awards and being the first black director to win an Emmy.