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Overfilled classes

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March for Our Lives
April 3, 2018


It is no secret that Mt. Vernon’s school body is filling and developing constantly to accommodate new students and new administration. As the McCordsville/Fortville area merges with some areas in Fishers, Greenfield, Lawrence, Pendleton, and Mt. Comfort, our school continually expands to fit such extraordinary growth. But at what cost?

Built in 1963, Mount Vernon High School started from the idea that two small, rival schools would join forces to become a single unit. In 1964, the school had its first graduating class at only 70 people. As neighboring towns increased in population, the school renovated in 1972, 1994, and 2011 to fit the growing number of students. In 2010, Vernon Township alone had 11,095 people according to Indiana state record. Today, the numbers are drastically different, and it reflects in our classrooms.

Right now we have 1296 students and use 70 classrooms,” said Principal Roach.

While that number might seem grossly disproportionate, the math checks out. Mrs. Roland from the History department said, “Most [usable] classrooms have about 26-30 desks, and teachers usually bring more in to accommodate more students.”

So, simple math says the average amount of desks multiplied by the number of classrooms-1,960 desks-over and above the amount of students currently in the corporation. So what’s the disconnect? Why are the classrooms more crowded, the halls more congested, and the students more frazzled?

Classes that are meant to fit 30 students have been stretched to accommodate almost 40. Proof of this over inflation is seen in mostly required classes such as those of the history and math departments.

Joseph Eldridge is a new student who is unable to sit on an actual chair in Mrs. Roland’s fourth block economics class and he said, “It sucks, really, looking for an extra chair and then having to suffice and sit on a table instead.”

The required Core 40 classes often have an influx of students because of a student’s drive to graduate. But that is just it. More and more students want to just graduate and not truly enjoy their school experience by adding extracurriculars to their schedule leading to overpopulation in the school’s required classes.

A call to action is due for the school counselors to divide the students more equally by really getting to know their interests and matching them into extracurriculars that fit their career choice. Equally as important, the students must take full advantage of their education by expanding their learning beyond the bare minimum.  

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Overfilled classes