Ants on a log.


Lauren Pilkington, MVC Staff Writer

Celery with peanut and raisins on top placed on a plate

Ants on a log was one of my all time favorite snacks as a kid.

 For anyone who does not know what ants on a log is, it is celery sticks full of peanut butter, the log, and raisins on the peanut butter, the ants. Ants on a log became famous in the 50s, along with polio vaccines and Elvis.
What people do not know is that there are subtle changes that can be made to actual ants on a log, such as “fire ants on a log” which would be switching the raisins with craisins, or “ants on a yuletide log” where the peanut butter is substituted for cookie butter.
Another fact that people do not know, is that there are actually many other different snack combinations just like ants on a log. I looked at a Nickelodeon parent website and there were


 many other snack ideas. “Hearts on a sleeve,” which is toast, cream cheese, and strawberries along with “fish in a stream” which is celery, peanut butter, and goldfish.
For research, I tested all of these snacks and I personally can say that the original ants on a log is still is my favorite. The classic to me is still the best tasting, probably because of my childhood memories related the the snack.  

I can say that all of these snacks were tasty, therefore, these are all new snacks that individuals should try if they’re feeling creative.