Spiderman was Amazing!

Sydney Blankenship, MVC Staff Reporter

With every new Marvel movie comes a time of excitement and anticipation. For the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie, I was euphoric to see that the movie did not have the typical spider bite back story like all the previous Spider-Man movies.

The beginning scenes were absolutely amazing with the familiar sense of Marvel humor showing up in the first ten minutes. The side characters are a fulfilling addition to the movie. Zendaya, playing the typical loner girl Michelle, is perfectly sarcastic and sassy. Peter’s best friend Ned, played by Jacob Batalon, is nerdy and awkward, which adds to the light hearted parts of the movie. Tom Holland is a fresh new face to Marvel fans, and he is a perfect fit. He is charismatic, lovable, and goofy through the whole movie. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him in future movies.

The story line is refreshing and pleasing. Instead of Peter struggling to accept being a hero, Peter is struggling with something new: becoming a good enough hero to become an Avenger. Throughout the movie, the audience sees his inner turmoil as he pushes his social and school life away for the grueling life of a hero. He fights with a villain who for once does not have a stereotypical backstory and eventually bleeds into Peter’s personal life as well.

“I thought it was good and one of the better ones,” said Lauren Vest, 11. “Since it’s such a popular movie, you already know what is going to happen. People should stop making so many versions of them. On another note, there are almost as many Spidermans as there are Doctors from Doctor Who.”

Overall, the movie was amazingly funny and entertaining, one I am pining to see again and again until I get sick of it.