Shh, it’s Wednesday!

Lauren Pilkington, MVC Staff Reporter

Mr. Roach has issued a new initiative for MVHS by requiring every student to participate in silent reading time every Wednesday. During SRT, every student is required to engage in a silent reading time. Everyone is encouraged to get off of technology, and read something.

Principal Roach said, “Silent reading enhances reading enjoyment, encourages lifelong learning, and increases comprehension. [It also] builds vocabulary, improves writing skills, and gives time to slow down and relax during a busy school day.”

One of the key ideas that Mr. Roach is focused on is the fact that students will have 20 minutes of reading for themselves. This is truly beneficial to the students who do not think that they have time to read.

Mrs. Leavell said, “As I tell my students, reading more has never hurt anyone, but not reading at all has, so I’m happy to embrace this extra reading time.”

Silent reading Wednesdays are for the benefit of all students. Mrs. Zelencik, the librarian, is available to aid students in finding books that they will enjoy and the options are nearly limitless. It is a fact that reading can help advance the brain in almost every skill, so more practice will only help.