Sweet Creature, where are you?

Lauren Pilkington, Staff Writer

After the devastating breakup of boyband, One Direction, many of the members have released new songs for their solo careers.

Zayne Malik released “Pillow Talk” soon after his departure from the band, and since the split Niall Horan has released “This Town,” and “Slow Hands.”

Lead singer from One Direction, Harry Styles, has also released new singles. The first one being “Sign of the Times,” and more recently he released “Sweet Creature.”

Both of these new songs are slower and beautifully written.

“Sweet Creature” is my favorite of the two, demonstrating a beautiful mix of acoustic guitar and picking skills to go along with it. Harry’s voice truly drives the song. Showing his impressive range, Harry uses his shouty falsetto and beautifully deep chest voice to emote throughout the song.

I highly recommend listening to the song. It could be put into the acoustic or pop genres, and it is a truly amazing song.