MV’s got more talent

Erica Magee, Staff Writer

On April 20th, some of Mt. Vernon’s star students performed their special talents in the high school talent show. Some participants included Erica Lohman, Drake Borowicz, Dakota Fisher, and Maggie Brown.

There was singing, dancing, instrumental performances, and even an interpretive monologue. Mr. Falkenberg was the MC for the show.

Darby Fehl
The judges scored and tallied each performance and there was a winner for each category. The freshman vocalist category trophy was awarded to Kaylee Johnson Bradley. The winners of the duet category were Erica Lohman, 12, and Felicity Kratky, 12. Drake Borowicz, 12, won the musician category. Erica Lohman also won the variety category with her dancing talent. The overall vocalist award was given to Felicity Kratky. The overall winner of the show was Caleb Vaughan, 10.

Caleb Vaughn played harmonica and piano, and sang “Piano Man” and “Great Balls of Fire.”

Darby Fehl
Erica Lohman, 12, said, “I have been in quite a few Mt. Vernon talent shows. Not only have I gotten to perform in both middle school and high school shows, but I’ve also got to mentor and coach middle school performers throughout high school.”

She also shared her favorite parts of the various talent shows.

“When Falkenberg and various performers are stalling while the judges tally their results we sometimes do some crazy or stupid act, like when Felicity and I sang the Beyonce parody ‘All the Single Shelties.’ In other shows, the contestants have randomly danced behind the person who is stalling, which is also pretty hilarious.”