“Dear Evan Hansen” review

Dakota Fisher, Sports Editor

On December 4, 2016 the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” debuted on Broadway at The Music Box Theatre after almost two months of previews off-broadway.

I first fell in love with “Dear Evan Hansen” in May of 2016 when the cast and off-broadway show dates were announced. Director Michael Greif and duo composers Pasek and Paul spent months casting until finally finding “the” Evan Hansen: Ben Platt. Also seen as Benji Applebaum in the “Pitch Perfect” series and originating the role of Elder Cunningham in the regional tour and Chicago production of “The Book of Mormon,” Platt is now leading the world of musicals as Evan Hansen.

The show centers around Evan Hansen, a socially anxious outcast, and his struggle to find himself. Throughout the course of the show, Evan is forced to keep up the facade that he and Connor, a troubled, drug-addicted suicide victim, were best friends while simultaneously trying to win the girl of him dreams, Zoe, Connor’s sister.

After several months of agonizing waiting, the cast recording was finally released on February 3, 2017 and it is even better than I anticipated.

The show opens with “Anybody Have a Map?” sung by Evan and Connor’s moms as they struggle to connect with their sons, and is followed by “Waving Through a Window,” the first single released from the album. “Waving Through a Window” is the first ballad of the show and features Platt’s incredible vocals as well as moving lyrics.

The third, and my favorite song in the show is “For Forever.” Also a ballad, “For Forever” is the beginnings of the lie that Evan formulates about he and Connor’s friendship and even though it isn’t real, it is a beautiful picture of a friendship that could-have-been.

As a whole, I would argue that “Waving Through a Window” and “For Forever” are the best songs in the show, however; that being said the entire album is incredibly moving, and the 52 minute album just isn’t long enough.

Though I may be a bit biased because of my undying love for Ben Platt, I cannot imagine a better Evan Hansen. Not only are his vocals absolutely amazing, his passion, personality, and acting ability are incredible and I cannot wait until July of this year to see Ben Platt bring Evan Hansen to life right before my very eyes.