Java no longer by the junction

Lauren Pilkington, MVC Staff Reporter

Java Junction is moving locations, and a lot of people are shocked about it.

“We’re moving into the Sea Breeze building next to Dollar General. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a restaurant/mini coffee bar,” said barista, Avery Bray.

The Fortville location closed last month with very short notice, and not a lot of information is being released on the subject.

Kayla Williams, 11, said, “I think it’s sad, even though I don’t live in Fortville.”

So the next question is will they change the name. Since it’s no longer by the railroad, is it still going to be Java Junction?

“I would think they would lose a lot of sales because they’re not on Main Street anymore,” said Savanna Donaldson, 12.

Moving locations might possibly cause Java Junction to lose customers, despite their original intentions of improving business. With a bigger building however, they’ll be able to be more of a restaurant and may have more to offer.