Winter homecoming

Lauren Pilkington, MVC Staff Reporter

Winter Homecoming for 2017 has come and gone. Leading up to the homecoming game, Marauders participated in IU vs. Purdue Day, Color Day, Character Day, Squad Day, and MV Spirit Day.

On Friday, February 27th, the boys basketball team went head to head with Connersville High School. The game was held at home and the stands were packed.

FCCLA held a spaghetti dinner before the game. They offered garlic knots, salad, spaghetti, a drink, and a cookie.

The Junior Varsity dominated against Connersville, winning 53-28.

The Varsity game was in full swing at 7:30, and ended at 10:00 after a quadruple overtime.

During halftime, the homecomeing court was announced. For the underclassmen, Emma Ertle and Keegan Bond won prince and princess. Cheerleader, Maddy King and point guard, Michael Ertle, won homecoming king and queen this year.

The game was tied at 62 and then later tied at 70, bringing the team into the third over time. Going into the fourth quarter, Eric Shepard, 12, made a huge dunk to tie the score taking it into the 4th overtime.

The game finally ended, with Connersville on top. The Marauders were eventually defeated after Connersville’s #40 made his foul shots and another two pointer to put them ahead by four.

Afterward, the dance was only $1 because the game ended so late. It was a hard fought and intense homecoming game.