Pleurisy is the worst

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Inflamed lungs, also known as pleurisy, are an absolute nightmare, and nothing that anyone wants to go through. It is more on the rare side for lung-related issues, but it is a major problem that can be discovered and irritated with an extreme about to activity.

The first step to not getting inflamed lungs is knowing the signs. The first sign is extreme pain in the chest and in the back. When my lungs were inflamed, it felt like my lungs were swelling against my chest and going to explode.

The second step is to know when to take a break. Anyone who is in that much pain must have enough pride to admit that they are hurt and need a break, which my stubborn self did not do until I was very hurt.

The last step to avoiding inflamed lungs, or recovering from them, is rest- and lots of it. In order to heal, a person has to take it easy and take time off of difficult tasks in order to get energy better. So I got a few days off.

People should avoid getting pleurisy because it is extremely painful, and makes it very hard to move around and be active.

One of the extreme difficulties of inflamed lungs was climbing the stairs, especially with a backpack on. It was so painful that I had to have an elevator key because I could not climb the stairs. Not climbing  the stairs and having an upstairs locker is not a good combination.

Stay healthy kids.