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The MV Current

Luckily, people were able to clean up the trees and debris quickly. If they had not, the roads would not have been safe enough to drive on as quickly as they were.

Crochet vs. Knitting

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer and photographer February 15, 2023

Many people get crocheting and knitting mixed up. Some of these people also get upset over the fact that something they perform as a hobby is being mistaken for something they believe to be too easy. So,...

A bag of Snickers bars.

Snickers vs Kit Kats

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer and photographer November 15, 2022

Most people who have not been living under a rock for their whole life are aware of the two candy bars: Snickers and Kit Kats. Everyone has their own preference in candy, but today those will truly matter....

Apple Juice or Orange Juice

Callie Osburn, MVC writer November 8, 2022

The question of apple juice or orange juice has been a debate around the world almost as long as the chicken or the egg debate. The debate over apple juice or orange juice has caused many arguments and...

This is the 2020 Xbox series X.

Xbox vs Playstation

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer November 1, 2022

  One of the biggest rivalries in the gaming world right now is Xbox vs. Playstation. Both gaming consoles have certain qualities that put one above the other and both are popular.  PlayStation...

Movies vs Books

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer October 20, 2022

Whenever a new book brought to life via film comes out, there's usually a debate whether the original book is better, or the new movie. I personally prefer books over movies because books tend to have...

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