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History of Krampus

Jocelynn Calderon , MVC writer December 6, 2023

Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon legend that originated in central Europe, primarily  Germany, as the monster that would punish bad children during Christmas. He is  St. Nicholas’ companion. The...

There it is: the drawing is finished. Practice and try different poses to get comfortable with them. The best part about art is that it can always be altered and changed to fit an artists style. I hope this helps all the struggling artists who hate drawing hands.

How to Draw Hands

Elianna Young, MVC writer/photographer November 30, 2023

Drawing is fun and a great way to express oneself until an artist's worst nightmare comes up: hands. Hands are filled with struggle. Getting them proportioned to not only themselves but to the subject,...

History of Yule

Jocelynn Calderon , MVC writer November 28, 2023

Yule, also known as the Winter Solstice, occurs on December 21st or 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and June 20th–21st in the Southern Hemisphere. This is when the Earth's axis is furthest from the sun,...

Origin of Phonk Music

Keith Ellington, MVC Story Editor November 27, 2023

Phonk music came out of nowhere in the past three years, at least for me. But this genre has been around as early as the 1990’s. My discovery of the genre and its origins was a crazy ride. I learned...

Long distance vs. close distant relationships

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer November 21, 2023

Romantic relationships are different for every person, but almost every relationship can be put into the categories of a long distance and short distance relationship. In a long distance relationship most...

The moon is a very prominent object that is easily visible to the naked eye, but can be seen here in greater detail through a telescope.

Amateur Astrology

Callum Robb, MVC writer/photographer November 20, 2023

Humans have been looking at the stars for centuries; naming them, navigating by them and wondering what is in the great heavens. Today, stargazing is a great way to relax and enjoy free time. The...

A Tribute to Halloween

Isaiah Weir , MVC writer November 14, 2023

The month of October is a notorious month, and the spookiness peaks on Halloween day. “Halloween,” written, scored, and directed by John Carpenter is a film that changed the pace of not just horror...

The Eye of the Sahara

Jocelynn Calderon, MVC writer November 7, 2023

The Eye of the Sahara, or the Richat Structure, is a geological structure located in The Sahara Desert. It is about 25 miles wide and located in Mauritania, the 11th largest country in Africa. In 1960,...

Ear Fatigue

Hannah Elstro, MVC Copy Editor November 6, 2023

Ear fatigue, also known as listener fatigue or listening fatigue, does not seem to have a general or clinical definition; instead, when talking about ear fatigue, most are talking about a series of symptoms...

Wednesday: Quote of the day

Carly McWilliams, MVC Features Editor February 7, 2018

"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." -Maya Angelou

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