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The MV Current

The MV Current

California Wildfires

Cade Clark, MVCurrent Writer

October 26, 2020

Wildfires have been raging across the whole state of California since early August. The first fire of the season, the El Dorado Fire, started burning September 5th. The blaze started because of a smoke-generating pyrotechnic used at a gender reveal party sparked near Yucaipa.  The El Dorado fire alone has burnt 22,680 ac...

Mulan Boycotts

Madalyn Cottrell, MVcurrent Writer

September 25, 2020

Disney’s reimagined, live action Mulan, starring American-Chinese actress Liu Yifei, has finally been released. The film is now available to stream for $29.99 on Disney+, but some members will not be watching because of the controversies surrounding it. “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all ...

How School Has Changed

Blake Herbert, MVcurrent Photographer

September 22, 2020

Wisconsin Protests

Cade Clark, MVcurrent Writer

September 14, 2020

Around 5pm on August 23, police in Kenosha Wisconsin received a call about a domestic dispute that resulted in Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old African American man, being shot seven times. An innocent civilian caught the situation on video and it began trending on the internet from there. August 25th, Kyl...

Police Riots

Zyaria Hatcher, MVcurrent Writer

September 10, 2020

Police riots are riots that are instigated or escalated by police officers. Police riots have dated back to the 1860’s, but the most recent ones happened due to the death of George Flyod. After the killing of an innocent man, people were enraged and many cities rioted. It had gotten to the point wher...

Singin in the Rain Auditions

Madalyn Cottrell, MVcurrent Writer

September 8, 2020

Though Mt. Vernon’s school year was pushed back to August 17th, that did not stop MV Theatre from pushing through and pursuing auditions for the fall musical “Singin’ in the Rain.” However, due to the inability to host auditions in person, virtual auditions served as a substitute.  In previo...

Navigating Changed Hallways

Madalyn Cottrell, MVcurrent Writer

September 7, 2020

Starting March 13th, 2020, a state-wide school shut down classes resulted in Mt. Vernon going completely virtual. Though, as of August 17th, Mt. Vernon has been able to reopen its buildings to staff and students returning for the 2020-2021 school year.  The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 forced many ...

Elon Musk: X Æ A-12

Cade Clark, staff writer

May 27, 2020

The owner of both Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk welcomed his 7th child to the world on May 4th. The name of the baby came as a surprise to many. Musk and his girlfriend Grimes named the newborn baby boy “X Æ A-12,” pronounced "X Ash A Twelve," stated by Musk on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast...

Steak n’ Shake

Cade Clark, staff writer

May 26, 2020

    The famous Indiana-based burger chain Steak ‘n Shake announced that due to the closure of dining rooms since the start of pandemic, they have lost a significant amount of revenue, which lead to the closure of 51 of their locations.       The closures are being made by Steak ...

Thespian Awards

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

May 21, 2020

On May 5, the MV Theatre department held their Thespian Awards, but it was in a different way then usual. Due to the pandemic, it was held via zoom.  Before the awards began, Ms. Davis shared her Zoom screen which had memories, tips, and pictures of the 2019-2020 theatre season, as well as advice ...