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Origin of Phonk Music

Keith Ellington, MVC Story Editor November 27, 2023

Phonk music came out of nowhere in the past three years, at least for me. But this genre has been around as early as the 1990’s. My discovery of the genre and its origins was a crazy ride. I learned...

This shows a large collection of flowers glimmering after a rain shower.

Nature in Fall

Elianna Young, MVC photographer October 18, 2023


The full series of “Adventure Time,” “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” and, now, “Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake” are available to stream on Max (previously HBOMax).

Fionna and Cake

Hannah Elstro, MVC Copy Editor October 5, 2023

“Adventure Time”: a popular children’s show chronicling the adventures of 12 year old Finn and his brother, a dog named Jake, as they travel the post-apocalyptic, yet magical, Land of Ooo. Running...

Out of Print

Delainey Root, MVC Editor in Chief September 28, 2023

Out of Print is a brand that sells a variety of bookish items. They have everything from clothes to tote bags and school supplies based on pieces of literature.  The brand was founded in 2010 to “spread...

National Recovery Month

Ollie Sovern-Fletcher, MVC writer September 25, 2023

National Recovery Month is held every September to bring awareness and congratulate those who are recovering or have recovered from addictions. September is a month to promote and support new treatment...

History of 9/11

Ollie Sovern-Fletcher, MVC writer September 21, 2023

The September 11th terrorist attacks were a tremendous part of history in 2001, and are written into modern history books. The Twin Tower collapse is the most known, but there were other important events...

The Internet Sensation: Tally Hall

Adriana Josephson, MVC writer September 19, 2023

Internet users have probably heard of Tally Hall, or, at least, their music. From the eccentric “Turn the Lights Off” to the particularly meme-able “Ruler of Everything” to the tiktok-popular “The...

Phoebe Bridgers

Jocelynn Calderon , MVC writer September 13, 2023

Phoebe Bridgers is an American singer-songwriter, whose songs best fit the genres of indie and folk music. She is known both as an independent singer and by her band, ¨Boygenius.¨ While most people...

Picture of roller coasters at Cedar Point.

Things To Do Over Summer

Ryleigh Hinkle , MVC writer and photographer May 22, 2023

With the school year coming to a close and the weather getting warmer, it is a constant reminder that it is almost summer. With summer comes weeks of things to do, and here are some ideas. Summer is a...

What is Writer’s Block

Wyatt Hodge, MVC writer May 17, 2023

Writer’s block is a common phenomenon in which someone attempting to write cannot write or cannot produce quality writing. This is a common problem for many people, from professional authors working...

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