The MV Current

The MV Current

The Georgia Aquarium, found in Atlanta, Georgia, offers many different sea creatures. There are six main sections in the building. Each section has a different category of animal.

Atlanta Aquarium

A. Stiller, MVC photographer April 17, 2024

Greek Mythology

Amilia Daniels, MVC writer March 26, 2024

Greeks have a very well-recorded history from famous philosophers such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Hippocrates, to major religious beliefs of how the world came to be. Although Greek myths are not part...

Things to Doodle

Things to Doodle

Elianna Young, MVC writer/photographer March 25, 2024

Classes can get boring at times, especially during notes. A common cure for boredom is doodling on the corners of papers. But knowing what to draw can be a struggle. These are some ideas for some simple...

Phish Subculture

Adriana Josephson, MVC writer February 22, 2024

There is an interesting phenomenon surrounding the band “Phish.” If one is not familiar with the band, the popular Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor “Phish Food” may ring a bell. The band was...

5 Common Phobias

Adriana Josephson, MVC writer February 16, 2024

Everyone’s afraid of something. For some, however, that fear is taken to another level entirely. This heightened fear is referred to as a “phobia” - a word that comes from the Greek word phobos,...

Mrs. Zelencik Interview

Megan Jones, MVC writer January 31, 2024

A lot of people know Mrs. Zeleznik as a teacher, not many students know and appreciate her as a person. Question: “What is your favorite book in the library that you have read?”    Answer:...

How Classical Music Affects the Brain

Simon Smith, MVC writer January 10, 2024

Classical music is defined as a type of Western music that utilizes structured movements and instrumentation. The use of orchestral instruments such as violins and cellos, along with symphonies, which...

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Jessica Almaz, MVC writer December 20, 2023

Christmas is not an international holiday, but countries that do celebrate it have their own ways of doing so. These unique ways depend on the way of life in the country, and of the countries that celebrate...

Her Name Was Lola: A Copacabana Story

Neve O'Brien, MVC writer December 12, 2023

“Copacabana (At the Copa)” debuted in 1978, but became a hit for singer-songwriter Barry Manilow in 1985. The song weaves the tale of a showgirl named Lola who falls in love with the bartender across...

Why People Have Nostalgia For Winter and Fall

Isaiah Weir, MVC writer December 11, 2023

As a child people seem to enjoy the summer months the most, with no school, pool parties, and cookouts, but as someone grows older they seem to have a stronger feeling of nostalgia and fondness for the...

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