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One new entity added in the version 50 update is the Butler. Butlers roam around the map, sweeping the floor, but if alone with a player, they attack.

Lethal Company v50

Duncan Schiller, MVC photo editor April 30, 2024

“Lethal Company” has just received a major update, that being version 50. This update adds a lot of new content, including new entities and moons. This version was in public beta up until recently....

Each area in “Pokemon Emerald Rogue” is laid out in this branching structure.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Duncan Schiller, MVC photo editor February 28, 2024

“Pokemon Emerald” is one of the most beloved games in the Pokemon community. Another popular part of the Pokemon community is rom hacking, which takes a rom file of a Pokemon game and modifies...

Grey moving in on green, going for a crushing kill.

BOPL Battle Review

Duncan Schiller, MVC photo editor February 5, 2024

“BOPL Battle” is a multiplayer game available on Steam for ten dollars. In it, players compete to squish, slice, and shock each other. This game can be played on the same device with friends using...

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Showdown

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer December 20, 2023

“Pokemon Infinite Fusion” is a game that allows players to fuse two Pokemon together in order to make them stronger or to patch up the weaknesses of the Pokemon who are fused. Pokemon Showdown is a...

Birtle the Squirtle cannot hold an item and has no ability. He is from “Pokemon Blue,” the first generation of Pokemon.

Pokemon Gimmicks Throughout the Years

Duncan Schiller, MVC photo editor November 7, 2023

With every Pokemon game that releases, new gimmicks are introduced, adding a special flair to that entry in the series. Many commonplace pieces of gameplay like abilities and held items were not available...

A collection of banned books that are currently available in the Mount Vernon High School library.

Banned Books

Duncan Schiller, MVC Photography Editor October 23, 2023

Banning books, along with censorship in general, is a topic that is often argued about in modern society. Books can be challenged by anyone, for any reason. Most commonly, these reasons include LGBTQ+...

One of the illustrious golden tickets seems to have made its way to MVHS.

Homecoming Hallways

Duncan Schiller, MVC Photography Editor September 20, 2023


Coloring and shading the outlines of the sprite can make a big difference in the quality of a finalized sprite.

Making a Pokemon Sprite

Duncan Schiller, MVC Photography Editor September 6, 2023

With modern Pokemon games, 3D models are used to display the Pokemon in battle on the current hardware, the Nintendo Switch. But what about before the Nintendo Switch? In the older Pokemon games, simpler...

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Review

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer May 22, 2023

“Pokemon Infinite Fusion” is a fanmade game of “Pokemon Fire Red,” but with a twist. Players can fuse any two Pokemon together. This can lead to some crazy results, both with the art, and with...

Bowser stands menacingly over us- oh wait, it’s just a statue.

Super Nintendo Land

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer and photographer May 10, 2023

Super Nintendo Land opened in California on February 17th, and with the Mario movie releasing, the hype around it has increased lately. But how good is Super Nintendo Land? Well, first thing to note...

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