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Los Angeles is a great place to go for families who love Hollywood and the magic behind it

Where to go this summer

Presley Luther, MVC Writer/Photographer April 26, 2022

The end of school is right around the corner and with that summer follows. The past two years have been filled with tragedy and isolation from the pandemic. Thankfully, we have started to come out of those...

Disney Castle

Boo Bash!

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer October 29, 2021

Going to Disney’s Halloween Celebration, Boo Bash was amazing. It started at 9:00 pm, and ended at midnight. This was a special ticketed event. When my family arrived at the Magic Kingdom, everyone...

“Cruella” Review

Madi Gibson, MVC Writer September 8, 2021

This past weekend I watched one of Disney’s newest movies, “Cruella.” I found it very interesting with her backstory and the way the producers brought it to life. Emma Stone, who plays Estella, who...

WandaVision description


Sophia Dewael, MVCurrent Writer March 7, 2021

At first I did not think that “WandaVision” could be a good show. For the first three episodes it seemed to drag on and make no sense because any Marvel fan would know that it was neither the correct...

Mulan Boycotts

Madalyn Cottrell, MVcurrent Writer September 25, 2020

Disney’s reimagined, live action Mulan, starring American-Chinese actress Liu Yifei, has finally been released. The film is now available to stream for $29.99 on Disney+, but some members will not be...

Disney Closing Due to Corona Virus

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer April 7, 2020

Most people know the Disney theme parks as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but as of now, they are not so happy. Due to the Corona virus, Disney World closed on March 15, at 11pm, and will be closed...

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