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The MV Current

Amazon Trees Face Hot Temperatures

Delainey Root, MVC Writer April 7, 2022

It is predicted that greenhouse gas emissions will double from current levels by 2050. If this happens, then temperatures in the Amazon will likely exceed 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit at...

Soil Degradation

Soil Degradation

Delainey Root, MVC Writer January 10, 2022

Soil is home to thousands of plants and animals. It supports ecosystems and provides food for animals and humans to eat for survival. A third of the world's soil is degraded, which is a decline in soil...


Delainey Root, MVC Writer January 6, 2022

Deforestation stands as one of the largest issues in the use of land. Trees are being cut down at alarming rates. Trees are a crucial part of human life on Earth, so people cutting down these trees has...

The Impact of Air Pollution

Delainey Root, MVC Writer December 2, 2021

The World Health Organization defines air pollution as, “contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical, or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of...

Hunger Strike For Climate Action

Sophie DeWael, MVC Writer November 23, 2021

Five climate activists from the Sunrise Movement participated in a hunger strike in hopes of getting President Biden to take serious action responding to climate change. They started the strike on October...

Food Deserts

Delainey Root, MVC Writer November 8, 2021

There are places called food deserts all over the world. The USDA identified 6,500 food deserts between 2000 and 2006. They also estimate that 23.5 million people in the US live in food deserts. A food...

Arctic Sea Ice

Delainey Root, MVC Writer October 25, 2021

This year, the Arctic experienced a cooler than average summer. As a result, this year had the highest annual minimum sea ice extent since 2014; however, that does not mean that arctic sea ice is safe...

The Perils of Water Polution

Delainey Root, MVC Writer September 3, 2021

“There have been years of negotiation and warnings and nothing was done. The cause is residential and industrial waste, and untreated waste that is discharged in deep waters,” said Mustafa Sari, a...

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