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Why Voting Is Important

Liz Genrich, MVC writer/photographer November 29, 2023

Voting is an important right that we as American citizens are granted. This right gives people the power to create change in the world by choosing who represents them in the government. Every election...

Summer Wildfires Sweep America

Hannah Elstro, MVC Copy Editor September 11, 2023

Wildfires have become increasingly prevalent in the American consciousness this past summer. With record breaking temperatures, including the globe’s hottest month ever recorded, it is no wonder that,...

Taking the Temperature on Redistricting

Sam Reeves, MVC Writer January 3, 2022

America’s time-honored year-ending-in-one tradition of drawing new congressional district maps, called redistricting, is now underway. Superficially this seems like a strange thing to care about, but...

What 9/11 Means To Us All

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer October 18, 2021

What is 9/11?  9/11 is an American holiday that is meant to pay respects for the lost American lives during the attack on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the field in Somerset County Pennsylvania....

Why Is the Power Out So Much in America?

Sam Reeves, MVC Writer September 28, 2021

In Japan, the average electricity consumer spends 16 minutes per year with the power out. In Western European countries, this number is about 58. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that...

The wall prototypes

Maggie Brown, MVC Editor-in-Chief November 22, 2017

One of the biggest promises that Donald J. Trump made to Americans during his campaign for the presidency was a wall that would run almost 2000 miles across the United States’ shared border with Mexico....

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