• An Anti-Smoking Convocation will be held on Jan. 19th from 8:35AM-12:10PM

  • Blood Drive on Jan. 18th from 9AM-2PM

  • Remember to charge your chromebook every night. Possibility of an E-Learning Day on Friday.

  • The Little Mermaid musical auditions are January 11-12th at 3:45 PM

The MV Current

The MV Current

Maggie is a junior and has been a writer for the MV Current for three years, Copy editor for two, and Managing editor this year. She is highly involved in community theatre, and is currently playing Penny in MVHS’s production of “Hairspray.” She hopes to one day pet every dog in the continental United States, and has seen every episode of “Criminal Minds” at least twice. She hopes to attend NYU for Film/Television production and minor in screenwriting.

Maggie Brown, MVC Managing and Copy Editor

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