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The MV Current

The MV Current

An Uninterrupted View of the Sky

Sophia Dewael, Staff Writer

April 23, 2020

“An Uninterrupted View of the Sky” is a book written by Melanie Crowder about life in Bolivia in 1999. It follows the story of Francisco, a seventeen-year-old boy, and his family who have to live in prison after Francisco’s father gets arrested. The prison is in bad shape and it is unsafe, esp...

After Hours by The Weeknd

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

April 21, 2020

Canadian R&B crooner turned pop star The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, returns for his first album since 2017’s “Starboy.” The incredible new album is titled, “After Hours.” The album is completely different from “Starboy,” because, unlike “Starboy,” “After Hours” follows a cen...

The Play That Goes Wrong

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

April 9, 2020

Apologies to the hundreds of people who thought they were seeing “Hamilton,” and sadly, these are not my words,  but those of the director, Chris Bean, in “The Play that Goes Wrong.” The Broadway comedy is on tour, and is currently a part of the 2020-2021 Broadway Across America touring season. ...


Sophia Dewael, Staff Writer

March 13, 2020

“Hamilton” is a musical that was written by Lin Manuel Miranda and was released on January 20, 2015. It is about America during the time of the Revolutionary War when the American colonies were fighting to get out of the control of the British monarchy.   Lin Manuel Miranda’s first musical that he...

Topgolf Review

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

A few weeks ago I went to Topgolf with some of my friends. Even though it was not cheap, it was a great experience.  The first thing we did was book a bay so that we could golf.  When it was ready, we got the text to head over to Topgolf. After setting up our memberships, we started to golf. Ther...

To all the Boys: ps I Still Love You

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

March 9, 2020

On February 12, Netflix finally released the second film of the “To All the Boys” trilogy based off of an original book series written by Jenny Han. I am a huge fan of the movies, and even though I have only read the first book, Lara Jean has become a teenage icon that I’m sure girls of all ag...

October Faction

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

March 3, 2020

“October Faction” is a show that Netflix released on January 23rd. The Netflix series is about the Allen family, their history hunting monsters, and how that history just might come back to haunt them. It is based on the comic series published in 2015 of the same name. The comics were written by Stev...

“Maniac” Halsey Album Review

Sophie DeWael, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

Halsey is a pop musician who is known for her indie style and writing her own songs. She has released three albums including her newest one, “Maniac.” She is most known for her songs “Without Me,” “Bad At Love,” and her feature in “Closer” which is co-sung by the Chainsmokers.   ...

“The Sun and Her Flowers” Book Review

Cover of the book

Sophie DeWael, Staff Writer

February 24, 2020

“The Sun and Her Flowers” is a collection of poetry that was published in 2017 and was written by Raupi Kaur, who also wrote the best-selling poetry collection “Milk and Honey.” Both books include an assortment of poems along with illustrations. Raupi Kaur makes both the poems and the pictures...

Circles By Mac Miller

Gabe Thomas, Staff Writer

February 18, 2020

On September 7, 2018 famous musician Mac Miller passed away due to a drug overdose. His fans and the music community were shocked and devastated. Over a year after his death, it was revealed Mac had planned to release a follow up to 2018’s “Swimming,” titled “Circles” and that it was in the process ...