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The MV Current

The MV Current

Soil Degradation

Delainey Root, MVC Writer January 10, 2022

Soil is home to thousands of plants and animals. It supports ecosystems and provides food for animals and humans to eat for survival. A third of the world's soil is degraded, which is a decline in soil...


Delainey Root, MVC Writer January 6, 2022

Deforestation stands as one of the largest issues in the use of land. Trees are being cut down at alarming rates. Trees are a crucial part of human life on Earth, so people cutting down these trees has...

Minecraft 1.18 Update

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer January 3, 2022

Mojang recently released a new update to their sandbox game, Minecraft. They named the update “Caves and Cliffs.” In the release, they planned to introduce new mobs, shaders, graphics, lighting, and...

Wheres The Elf On The Shelf?

Where’s The Elf On The Shelf?

Katelyn Salazar, MVC Photographer/Writer December 27, 2021

Soup cans ready for donation.

How to Help Families in Need During the Holidays

Makayla Faulk, MVC Writer/Photographer December 20, 2021

During the holiday season, many families struggle to make ends meet, let alone provide presents and other luxury items. Oftentimes, these families need help and luckily there are many resources available...

To light the menorah (the six-branched lamp) you put a candle in the hole correlating to the day you are on. For example, on night 3 starting from the left, put 3 candles in the menorah then you take shamash (the candle in the middle away from the other candles), light it, and use the shamash to light the other candles.

Hanukkah Photo Gallery

Emma Gill, MVC Photographer December 16, 2021

FCCLA thanks everyone for making this possible

FCCLA Makes Holiday Stockings

Presley Luther, MVC Writer/Photographer December 14, 2021

On November 20th, 2021 District 8 held its Annual Fall Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) meeting with Greenfield-Central. FCCLA stands for Family, Career, Community Leaders of America. The...

How To Make An Origami Paper Crane

How To Make An Origami Paper Crane

Hannah Elstro, MVC Writer/Photographer December 9, 2021

This Week’s: Historical Fact — The first known origami was paired butterflies, put on sake bottles at Shinto weddings and meant to represent the bride and groom. They were first mentioned in a poem...

Human Effects on Global Warming

Delainey Root, MVC Writer December 6, 2021

Since the Industrial Revolution, Earth has been getting steadily warmer. Scientists have done millions of measurements of temperature in different parts of the world. Scientists have even suggested that...

The Impact of Air Pollution

Delainey Root, MVC Writer December 2, 2021

The World Health Organization defines air pollution as, “contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical, or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of...

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