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Senior Pranks 2022

Senior Pranks 2022

Keith Ellington, MVC Writer/Photographer May 24, 2022

As a final salute to their school the Class of 2022 had a prank week where each day was a different prank. On Monday, the seniors played games, like twister and cornhole, in the hallways before the start...

How to Origami — Velociraptor Edition

How to Origami — Velociraptor Edition

Hannah Elstro, MVC Writer/Photographer May 12, 2022

This Week’s:  Historical Fact —  The system by which all diagrams show origami folds, known as the Yoshizawa-Randlett system, was first described in Samuel Randlett's “Art of Origami” in 1961...

Harry Potter House with Original Characters

Why are Legos therapeutic?

Abigail Bates, MVC Writer/Photographer May 9, 2022

How many people know that Legos are therapeutic? They very much are for the following reasons: they keep the mind from overthinking, allow people to fidget and keep hands busy at work, they allow people...

Artist(s): Tatum Mastin; Grade: 10; School: Mt. Vernon High School

Art Show Photo Gallery

Hannah Elstro, MVC Writer/Photographer May 5, 2022


Madi Gibson, MVC Writer May 3, 2022

How often do people go outside and look up to the sky to see a beautiful array of colors? Do they wonder where the colors came from? It's called scattering, or in this case, light scattering. According...

Sam versus his robotic counterpart.

Super Accident Bros.

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer/Photographer April 30, 2022

“Super Accident Bros.” is a platform fighting game that me and some friends are making. It is open for public access, and is updated often. With five fighters currently in the game, there is a small...

Los Angeles is a great place to go for families who love Hollywood and the magic behind it

Where to go this summer

Presley Luther, MVC Writer/Photographer April 26, 2022

The end of school is right around the corner and with that summer follows. The past two years have been filled with tragedy and isolation from the pandemic. Thankfully, we have started to come out of those...

Redistricting: Part 2

Sam Reeves, MVC Writer April 20, 2022

By casting the shackles of their principles, the Democrats have made considerable gains throughout the 2021/2022 redistricting cycle, so far resulting in an increase in 11 majority-Democrat seats. The...

The downward slanted entrance for Amused is eerie and has a cool design.

West Lafayette review

Isabelle Hernandez, MVC Writer/Photographer April 19, 2022

  Over spring break my family and I spent a weekend in West Lafayette. My mom spent a portion of her childhood there, and we thought it would be nice to visit. Her mom still lives within a...

Scenic vista at Brown County State Park.

Indiana State Parks

Makayla Faulk, MVC Writer/Photographer April 13, 2022

Indiana is full of beautiful wildlife. There are 24 state parks in Indiana that work to preserve the natural beauty of the state. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources(DNR) is working to keep...

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