Cedar Point Review


Cedar Point celebrating their 150th anniversary. It was called the Disneyland of the midwest.

Keith Ellington, MVC writer and photographer

Recently, I went to an amusement park called Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. My family and I drove and spent a day there. I was not too excited at first, but I found myself enjoying the park’s atmosphere and qualities as the day went on. 

 The drive took us around three hours total: one and a half hours there and the same time back. When we arrived at the park it was packed with people trying to get in. Note that we arrived around eleven am, an hour after it opened. Though it was crowded, we quickly found a parking spot. We turned in the tickets we’d purchased online and entered the park. 

My family and I immediately got a brief smell of funnel cakes and food upon entering. There were many attractions such as roller coasters, theaters, games, and even parades.

Cedar Point welcoming sign
Cedar Point celebrating its 150th anniversary. It was called the Disneyland of the midwest.
The bright carousel glow at dusk.
Johnny Rocket’s food was out of this world. I ate their burger and fries. The fries were my favorite.
The Cedar Parade took a tour around the park.
The Cedar Greek Hallow Bridge.
The Steel Vengeance drop scared me, so I did not ride it.
Cedar Point has very nice flowers.
The drop of the Magnum XL-200. I rode it and the speed on the coaster was literally breathtaking.
The Wrath of the Steel Vengeance–I did not ride it because of the fear the drop gave me.

I got on every roller coaster I could to get the full experience. My parents also bought us fast passes. This made the rides 10 times better, considering how the normal waiting lines were. The average wait time was three hours per ride. So instead of waiting for three hours for one ride, I got on the ride in about only twenty minutes. My favorite ride was The Raptor. It was the first one I rode and it got me hyped for the next ride. 

The food was pretty good, too. It had diverse foods to try, and the more I explored, the more I realized that Cedar Point had many restaurants I was familiar with, including Starbucks and Chick-Fil-a. I only ate a couple of times, but the times I did I really enjoyed it. Chick-Fil-a was my favorite, mostly because I was used to it.

We stayed at the amusement park until around seven at night. The lights of the rides lit up and the night was so pretty. I liked Cedar Point, it was exciting and I am glad I got to spend time with my family. I recommend going here maybe in the afternoon and getting to see the night. It’s a great place for families and I would not mind going here again,