Senior Interviews

Katelyn Salazar, MVC Writer/Photographer

Last year’s juniors did not anticipate having a typical senior year. A typical senior year is having a prom, homecoming, sporting events, or even being able to be in person for their senior year. But the seniors of MVHS did not let that get them down. They have continued to strive and interact with peers and most importantly grow into prospering adults.
Although, to some, they are nothing more than seniors, they are so much more than that and MVHS is saying goodbye to so much more than we thought. Seniors Cole Herman, Gehrig Slunaker, and Keagan Labelle have a lot to say about their time at MVHS.

What are your favorite memories at MVHS?
Herman: “My favorite memories include all of the sporting events really, because that’s what I’ve been obsessed with and put all my time into for the past three-four years.”
Slunaker: “My favorite memory was winning regionals my sophomore year and beating New Pal for the last two years.”
Labelle: “Winning regionals two years ago was a good memory- and sectionals, mostly sports.”

Keagan Labelle (Katelyn Salazar)

What are your least favorite memories at MVHS?
Herman: “Homework. All the work. Essays, I hate writing essays. But no, high school was good.”
Slunaker: “Getting quarantined as a school and having to wear masks.”
Labelle: “Probably taking math classes and English classes. Because I don’t like doing that much work.”

What are your plans after high school?
Herman: “My plan is to go to IU and go into pre med, sports medicine mostly and focusing on that side of things.”
Slunaker: “So I plan to go to college, I’m just not sure where. I want to go somewhere not too far away, but I also don’t want to be coming home every weekend. Just somewhere a few hours away. Don’t really know where yet. But for something along the lines of business. I know it’s a broad topic but there’s a lot you can go with.”
Labelle: “Play football in college somewhere, I’m not sure yet where. Still trying to figure that out.”

How has Covid-19 impacted your senior year?
Herman: “It hasn’t really done much this year, as much as it did my sophomore and junior year, but yeah this year it’s just masks and social distancing.”
Slunaker: “Just wearing masks all the time, not being able to sit with all my friends at lunch, being limited with the things you can do like seeing certain people and being spread out.”
Labelle: “Hasn’t been terrible but, definitely made a difference in our first football game. We lost a few people, but they’re back now and we’re doing all right.”


Anything you would redo and why?
Herman: “I would get more involved in clubs. I wasn’t really involved, I was just focusing on the sporting part, but I would get more involved in social clubs.”
Slunaker: “Nothing like personally, but I just wished I could have a normal school year and not have covid interfere.”
Labelle: “No, I think everything I have done is fine.”

Something you’d like to be remembered by?
Herman: “Everyone looks at me since I’m so big, like I’m some big scary guy. But I’m not mean at all. People look at me like they’re scared. But I want to be remembered as a kind and gentle guy, but I’ll hit hard on the football field.”
Slunaker: “Just like a good friend. Anytime someone needed a hand I was always there.”
Labelle: “Probably just being the best football team that MVHS has ever had.”

Quotes for upcoming freshmen:
Herman: “Always work hard. Do your work. And be respectful to everyone because a little kindness goes a long way.”
Slunaker: “Make the most of every moment. Don’t take anything for granted because it goes by fast.”
Labelle: “Take easy classes and you’ll be alright”